Software Update Improves Speed and Performance of Pickering Switching Solutions

Pickering Interfaces, one of the leading suppliers of modular signal switching and simulation solutions for use in electronic test and verification, has launched an updated version of its signal routing software. Switch Path Manager Version 6.1.2, adds auto-detection and route caching features that improve speed and performance of Pickering Switching Solutions.

Pickering’s Switch Path Manager (SPM) software simplifies signal routing through switching systems and speeds up the development of switching system software and is especially useful for large complex switching systems. It supports Pickering’s 1000’s of switching modules and the interconnection between them. Once a switching system model has been created, signal routing can be achieved simply by defining the endpoints that are required to be connected. Useful features like short-circuit detection are also included.

The latest version, 6.1.2 introduces the Auto-Detect Configuration which pre-communicates with the hardware before it gets added into the configuration, connector information, handling addressing, verification of the hardware’s existence in SPM, naming and identification—greatly minimizes the initial SPM switching configuration task.

Route Caching is a means of improving routing performance. The route calculation when making a connection takes time. If there is a sequence of repeated connections, Route Caching avoids double calculations and uses the stored route data, thus speeding up the switching.

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