In Wake of Apple’s AirPower Failure, NuCurrent Launches Multi-Device Wireless Charging Solution

NuCurrent, a developer of ultra-efficient antennas for wireless power transfer has launched the NuEva Development Platform for tightly-coupled, multi-device wireless charging systems. The platform leverages the company’s patented magnetics technologies, advanced design tools, system software and engineering expertise to provide a solution for companies who want multi-device charging on a single pad.

The platform uses a tightly-coupled wireless charging approach, offering advantages to the Qi-based solutions available in the market today. This design delivers up to 25 Watts of power to multiple devices with varying receiver sizes, while providing a significant improvement in user experience due to the enhanced freedom of placement on the charging surface. Because of these advantages, certain aspects of this NuEva platform are currently being considered for adoption by the Wireless Power Consortium, which oversees the Qi standard.

The NuEva Development Platform addresses the underlying challenges found in designing multi-device, single pad charging solutions. These include magnetics, tuning, power conversion, foreign object detection, integrated circuits/firmware, shielding, and communications. The platform supports a variety of product categories including smartphones, smart apparel, AR/VR systems, vaporizers/e-pens, and wrist-worn devices.


  • Country: United States
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