750 W LDMOS Power Transistor at 915 MHz Enables Compact PA Designs

Ampleon has released a high-efficiency 750 Watt RF power transistor that operates from 902 to 928 MHz with an efficiency of 72.5%. The BLF0910H9LS750P has a rugged design and is ideal for use in industrial, scientific, and medical systems, as well as for professional cooking applications.

The device’s high efficiency minimizes the amount of energy it uses to deliver a given output power, reducing operating costs, decreases heat dissipation, enabling simpler and lower-cost cooling solutions, more compact systems, and hence lower manufacturing costs.

The BLF0910H9LS750P’s rugged design enables the device to withstand a load mismatch equivalent to a VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio) of 10:1, through all phases. This enables users to simplify their system designs and employ less sophisticated circuit-protection mechanisms, reducing the end product’s bill of materials and so improving overall manufacturing yield.

The device’s pre-matched input makes integration easier into end applications. It's broadband capabilities enable better control and flexibility in operation.

The BLF0910H9LS750P is built on Ampleon’s Gen9HV 50V process, which has the maturity to ensure high levels of product consistency that, coupled with comprehensive application support, will help end-equipment manufacturers reduce the time they need to bring their products to market.

The BLF0910H9LS750P is available now, from Ampleon and distributors including Digikey and RFMW.


  • Country: Netherlands
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