ADRF Collaborates with Ranplan for Wireless Network Design and Optimization

Advanced RF Technologies (ADRF) has announced that it will incorporate the ADXV Series of DAS solutions and PSR Series repeaters, as well as future product specifications into Ranplan Wireless' network modeling and design software via the Collaboration-Hub. The cloud-based Collaboration-Hub provides original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) greater control over intellectual property (IP) while allowing network engineers to design and deliver high-quality Public Safety, LTE and 5G systems.

With the proliferation of 5G, Internet of Things (IoT) and re-use of a spectrum to provide capacity and coverage for emerging use cases, in-building designs can no longer be planned without assessing the mutual impact between other network layers such as outdoor small cells, ODAS, and macro sectors. The collaboration between OEMs and RF design tools is essential to accurately design modern multi-layer systems. This helps network design engineers addressing both in-building and heterogeneous networks to be confident that device specifications used in conjunction with advanced 3D propagation models match real-world performance and equipment functionality.  

ADRF and Ranplan Wireless will host a training session May 14-16 in Dallas, TX, which will introduce the software and leverage ADRF components to create an in-building design. Click here to learn more about the collaboration hub.