World's First Integrated Single Chip Solution for Smart Radios

Leading digital radio technology company, Frontier Smart Technologies, has introduced the world’s first integrated smart radio chip, the Chorus 4. It is meant to power a new generation of solutions for radios offering internet connectivity, DAB / DAB+ and FM. The first of these new solutions, Venice X, was launched by Frontier at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair. Venice X is a cost-optimized, customizable turnkey system which enables brands and manufacturers to build high quality Smart Radios quickly and cost-effectively.

Smart Radios are the fastest growing category in the digital radio market, with sales volumes currently growing at 30% per year. By combining internet, DAB / DAB+ and FM in a single device, they provide end-users with a complete range of listening options - including a rapidly growing number of DAB / DAB+ services, thousands of Internet radio stations, online music services, such as Amazon Music and Spotify, and podcasts from around the world. The inclusion of DAB and FM ensures that the radio can operate even when there is no internet connectivity, for example outdoors, or if users want to use less power or data. Additional features include Bluetooth and full color user displays.

The Chorus 4 integrated SoC represents a distillation of Frontier’s extensive experience in Smart Radio design and combines DAB+/FM radio tuners, an application processor and audio processing with integrated memory.

Key Features of Chorus 4:

  • Reliable connectivity: integrated solution reduces noise and interference together with innovative interference avoidance technologies
  • Flexible connectivity: dual-band Wi-Fi with two antennas and Bluetooth 4.2 support presents a range of connection options
  • Great user experience: color screen support to present information and artwork, customer brandable iOS/Android control app
  • Total support: the Frontier ISU provides management and firmware upgrades for devices in the field
  • Highly reliable solution: the Chorus 4 integrated Smart Radio chip enables more robust and simpler production and is complemented by Frontier’s Smart SDK a proven, mature and mass deployed software.  

Venice X also exceeds the Digital Tick specifications which ensure that digital radios meet the quality standards expected by manufacturers, retailers, broadcasters and consumers. It is also possible to disable the DAB and FM capability if not required.