Specialized 5G Filter to Prevent Interference in C-Band SATCOM Terminals

Baylin Technologies has announced that it's wholly owned subsidiary, Alga Microwave has released a specialized filter to prevent interference from 5G base stations that are in the proximity of C-Band SATCOM ground terminals. The filter design has been specifically approved by the C-Band Alliance.

Traditionally C-Band (3.8-4.2 GHz) is used for satellite services, radar, and microwave links. With the introduction of 5G networks, these C-Band frequencies will now be shared with a wider range of services. The resulting interference signals can be powerful enough to saturate the sensitive C-Band satellite receiving systems which may result in total loss of service.

To solve this problem, Alga has designed a filter that will clear portions of the C-Band spectrum to support the growth of mobile data and the introduction of 5G services in the USA and around the world.