Pathfinder to Deliver S-band Satellite Terminals to Boeing


PathFinder Digital has received a contract from Boeing for the development and delivery of small form-factor S-band flat panel satellite terminals for government applications.  The Antennas/LNBs are only 8"x8"x4" in size.  This award is a follow-on award to a contract also issued by Boeing for the development of larger, man-pack, S-band flat panel satellite terminals which were delivered last year; as well as larger, airline checkable, single-case flyaway S-band terminals which were delivered previously.  These terminals were designed and engineered to meet the customer's unique specifications.

PathFinder specializes in the development of mobile ground terminal satellite communications solutions engineered to meet the unique and particular needs of each project, primarily for military and government agency programs. They identify and develop the best solutions to meet the objectives of each set of communications requirements, including red/black architectures. PathFinder uses the best available products, re-engineered or developed if necessary, to create the most effective and cost-beneficial communications solutions.

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  • Country: United States
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