Amphenol RF Launches Fixed Length Cable Assemblies for Use in Harsh Environments

Amphenol RF’s has added ruggedized fixed length cable assembly lines to their existing series of ARC connectors. The ARC line is a series of coaxial connectors and RF cable assemblies have been engineered specifically for superior performance in harsh conditions, and are available in standard and reverse polarity options. ARC products are ideal for applications such as transportation, military, and construction where conditions may be less than optimal.

The new ARC cable assemblies will include N-Type and TNC configurations and feature adhesive lined, multi-layer heat shrink tubing. This unique construction offers better resistance against shock and vibration, preventing distortion. It also acts to reinforce connector termination retention and cable flex rigidity. The reliable threaded interface makes the ARC assemblies ideal for outdoor installation.

All ARC products are IP67 rated in both the mated and unmated condition for protection against inclement weather and other harsh environmental conditions. To know more about fixed length ARC cable assemblies, click here.

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