IDT Expands its RF Beamforming Portfolio for Satellite Communications

Integrated Device Technology has announced that it is broadly sampling a portfolio of microwave and millimeter-wave (mmWave) beamformer products for satellite communications (Satcom), radar, test and measurement, and other applications that utilize phased array antennas. The portfolio consists of three families of transmit (F6501, F6502, and F6503) and three families of receive (F6101, F6102 and F6103) silicon ICs that support Ku, Ka, and CDL frequency bands. 

Joining the 5G beamformer IC family, this new Satcom portfolio continues IDT's investment and growth in the RF market and consolidates its position as a leading supplier of RF products in both the wireless infrastructure and growing data-on-the-move markets.

The 8-channel F6101, F6102 and F6103 receivers and F6501, F6502 and F6503 transmitters have 6-bit phase resolution and more than 30 dB gain adjustment control with 0.25 dB resolution on each channel enabling, precise beam pointing and side-lobe level control, as well as arbitrary pattern shaping including deep nulling for interferer mitigation.

As with all of IDT's RF devices, the monolithic silicon-based beamformer ICs enable higher levels of integration to achieve lower solution costs without sacrificing RF performance, as well as improving manufacturing robustness. Sample parts and evaluation kits are available now to customers upon request.

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