GetSAT and Inmarsat Introduce Miniaturized Ka-band Terminals for SATCOM Communications-on-The-Move

GetSAT and Inmarsat Introduce Miniaturized Ka-band Terminals for SATCOM Communications-on-The-Move

New SATCOM terminals developed by GetSAT, have been approved by Inmarsat for use on its Global Xpress service. These new terminals are the lightest and most compact all-in-one, on-the-move solutions serving the Global Xpress network, the world's first and only globally available, high-throughput wideband network.

GetSAT Communications develops portable and extremely efficient antenna and terminals that offer high-data-rate communications for ground, air, and maritime applications. The MilliSAT-H-GX and MilliSAT-W-GX use GetSAT's highly efficient, patented InterFLAT miniaturized flat panel antenna technologies. These are the first communications-on-the-move terminals for ground vehicles to be using the worldwide Global Xpress network. These ruggedized terminals have been proven to operate in some of the toughest environmental conditions. Their combination of size, weight, and fast-tracking technology allows for operation on land-mobile and maritime platforms with aggressive vehicle dynamics.

Size and weight limitations have traditionally been a challenging requirement for land-mobile SATCOM applications. The size and weight of the MiliSAT-H-GX and MilliSAT-W-GX make them well suited for widespread adoption in the land mobile market. 

MilliSAT-H-GX's 25x27cm flat panel antenna fits inside a 40 cm radome allowing for easy installation. Additionally, the terminals' low power consumption allows for battery operation, adding greatly to their flexibility. With industry-leading SWaP (Size, Weight and Power), the units set a new standard for small, Inmarsat type-approved for SATCOM terminals used with Global Xpress. 

Designed for worldwide mobility, Global Xpress has drawn a significant number of commercial and government customers due to its unique reliability, ease of use, and seamless interoperability with military satellite resources.  With the Inmarsat type approval of GetSAT's terminals, ground and maritime on the move users have access to a very compact terminal to support their critical connectivity requirements.

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