Citadel Receives Contract for Counter Drone Solutions from the US Air Force

United States Air Force has awarded Citadel Defense with a contract for their industry-leading counter drone solution that defeats enemy drones on the battlefield and has strong potential for broader commercial applications. The company's mobile system has now been operated by each military service and many government agencies. Citadel has emerged as an industry leader in developing, deploying, and integrating anti-drone solutions with its Titan product.

USAF partners with companies like Citadel to make the military faster and smarter than ever before. The Titan CUAS system autonomously clears the Warfighter's airspace, allowing them to be unconcerned with the threat of drones and purely focus on the mission at hand.

The United States is competing against peer adversaries on defense innovation. Through USAF's partnership with Citadel, the asymmetric threat posed by drones is being neutralized by Citadel's Titan.

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