High Performance Composite Carbon Fiber Antennas for Satellite Communications

Calian’s Systems Engineering Division has introduced a new line of advanced medium and large-aperture composite carbon fiber antennas with cutting-edge performance for the most demanding satellite system applications.

These lightweight antenna systems are the culmination of several years of research and development by Calian SED into composite materials and high-performance antenna design. Calian SED designed these innovative composite carbon fiber antennas to meet the emerging needs of advanced RF ground system customers, with an optimum combination of price and performance.

The technical challenges in satellite RF ground systems are increasing as satellite communication networks move to higher-frequency ranges like Q and V bands. At these higher frequencies, environmental factors such as rain, wind and uneven heating of the antenna surface can degrade signal performance. Calian SED’s new composite carbon fiber satellite communication antennas are designed to offer superior performance by cost-effectively reducing structural distortions that can arise with legacy ground systems comprised of steel or aluminum.

Currently configured with either a ten-meter or six-meter high-performance composite carbon-fiber reflector and back structure, this ultra-strong design minimizes thermal, wind and gravity load distortion, providing exceptional performance in all frequency bands, including the Q/V range and above. Its lightweight and innovative reflector design has the added benefit of fast installation and reduced shipping weight – key factors in the reduction of deployment costs. Calian SED is accepting orders for competitively priced ten- and six-meter composite carbon fiber antennas with plans to roll out additional aperture sizes in the future.

For decades Calian has delivered satellite ground systems globally for commercial, space and defense applications. The growing, diversified company recently announced the acquisition of Germany-based SatService, which will support Calian SED’s expansion in the European market with turnkey satellite solutions as well as products.