Cognitive Receives Funding from Canadian Government to Advance Its Wi-Fi Motion Technology

Wi-Fi solutions provider and the creator of Wi-Fi Motion technology, Cognitive Systems, has received an investment of $7.3 million from the Canadian government via the Strategic Innovation Fund. This fund is designed to support Canadian companies that are breaking new ground in various industries. With this funding, Cognitive Systems will further the implementation of its patented Wi-Fi Motion technology, particularly algorithm refinement, for further advancements in motion localization.

Cognitive’s WiFi Motion is a disruptive technology at the forefront of the smart home market. When incorporated into routers and gateways, the technology monitors wireless signals within an existing WiFi environment to alert users of motion and apply predictive analytics and learning patterns over time for a fully automated and customized user experience.

WiFi Motion’s algorithms use advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and localization capabilities to classify these signals and provide context around when and where motion has occurred. The technology accommodates the fact that there is no standard home, as every space experiences different signal interference, devices competing for bandwidth, expected motion and user preferences.

With 37 patents granted to date and more than 140 pending, Cognitive Systems owns the largest and most relevant patent portfolio in the motion detection space. By using the WiFi technology that is found in nearly every home, and requiring no additional hardware, WiFi Motion is a highly affordable monitoring solution for end users.

With this investment from the Canadian government, Cognitive Systems will advance WiFi Motion’s AI engines and drive additional benefits to users, including more advanced motion localization and wellness monitoring features. The company will also use Wi-Fi Motion to optimize energy management in the connected home. This will allow for automatic prediction and response to user behavior such as turning off and on energy-draining devices, like lights and heating systems, based on when people are detected in the home. Cognitive Systems will hire additional team members to continue expansion efforts in other markets.