Innovative Plug-and-Play Satcom Terminal Provides Wi-Fi Connectivity Anywhere

Innovative Plug-and-Play Satcom Terminal Provides Wi-Fi Connectivity Anywhere

At the Satellite 2019 event, Paradigm showcased their new MANTA terminal(powered by the Kymeta Meta-material antenna). The solution is plug-and-play and can provide IP data connectivity via Wi-Fi and Ethernet by just adding power to the Satellite Terminal. It makes SATCOM easy and cuts out the complexity.

The versatile MANTA terminal operates straight ‘out-of-the-box’ for simple Deploy & Go SATCOM applications or can be quickly fitted to any vehicle (land or sea) for comms-on-the-move. It uses software beam forming for satellite acquisition and tracking, the on-board PIM (Paradigm Interface Module) provides an optimized satellite service requiring no specialist skills to offer easy, high speed data service anywhere.

The MANTA is Paradigm’s latest PIM-enabled terminal providing rapid, high-speed connectivity from a single case. Rugged, versatile and discreet, the MANTA is the complete solution providing integrated RF, modem and terminal control, as well as a handheld or dash-mounted ‘Remote’ for live beam heading, signal strength and system status and control info.

Paradigm’s other PIM-enabled terminals include the ‘internet in a backpack’ SWARM and the flyaway CONNECT100T and HORNET range; both terminals integrate the PIM to point the antenna.

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