Gilat Demonstrates 5G Connectivity Using LEO Satellites

Gilat Satellite Networks, a worldwide leader in satellite networking technology, solutions and services, has announced that a Gilat high throughput modem enabled the first ever demonstration of 5G services over a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite. The successful test was conducted with the tier-1 European operator last month using Telesat’s Phase 1 LEO satellite connected to the University of Surrey’s 5G testbed network.

The demonstration included video chatting, web browsing and simultaneous streaming of up to 8K video. The project team also transferred 4K video to the edge of the 5G network, which is a key 5G future use case. Live testing of these content-rich data streams was achieved using 5G cellular technology that offers many benefits but which requires an advanced backhaul solution that can quickly and cost-effectively extend these benefits to subscribers beyond major cities. The testing confirmed that this required 5G backhaul solution can be provided by Gilat modem technology working with Telesat’s Phase 1 LEO satellite.

Field-Proven, High-Speed Modems for Commercial and Military Satellite Communications

Designed to meet the satellite communications needs of commercial and military organizations, our high-throughput satellite modems support a wide range of IP-based voice, video and data services.

Used in commercial applications, Gilat’s GLT1000 modem provides users with high-speed seamless connectivity across land, sea, and air on C, X, Ku and Ka bands. This centrally managed modem provides users with fast access to broadband services regardless of their location, increasing productivity and lowering operational costs.

MLT1000 is a quick-deploy, military-grade modem that offers secure, highly-reliable broadband C4I satellite communications for the net-centric battlefield, helping to ensure information superiority for troops on the ground.

Setting a new standard for mission flexibility, both modems deliver the superior performance and high availability required to support on-the-move, point-to-point (SCPC) or point-to-multipoint (MCPC) deployments in a wide variety of topologies.

This demonstration confirms that Telesat’s state-of-the-art LEO architecture can deliver on the promise of latency sensitive and high bit rate applications such as in 5G connectivity.