Cohda Wireless Demonstrates Vehicle Positioning in a Tunnel Where GNSS Fails

A successful trial of a vehicle positioning system in Norway has positioned the Scandinavian country to become a world leader in the application of V2X technology in road tunnels.

The purpose of the trial was to demonstrate the efficacy of Cohda Wireless’s world-leading vehicle positioning solution, V2X-Locate, in the newly-built 2.2 km tunnel. V2X-Locate was developed by Cohda Wireless to solve the problem of accurate vehicle positioning where GNSS (GPS) systems usually perform poorly, for example in urban canyons, underground carparks and tunnels. Four of Cohda’s Road-Side Units (RSU’s) were positioned at intervals inside the tunnel and following a range of tests, Cohda’s V2X-Locate solution was proven to be able to locate a vehicle moving through the tunnel with a high degree of accuracy.

The trial was carried out in the Bjørnegård tunnel in the municipality of Bærum by the Norwegian tunnel technology company Aventi, in partnership with connected autonomous vehicle technology company Cohda Wireless. The trial paves the way for the introduction of reliable Cooperative Connected Automated & Automated Mobility (CCAM) and Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS) technology services in tunnels which make up 1400 kilometers of Norway’s roads.

Learn more about Cohda’s vehicle positioning system.

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