Keysight & Focus Microwaves Introduce 110 GHz Wafer Load Pull Solution for 5G Applications

Keysight has announced collaboration with leading RF/microwave solutions provider, Focus Microwaves, to develop a turn-key solution which makes it possible to perform high-frequency fundamental and harmonic load pull up to 110 GHz with great accuracy. Combined with Keysight’s very small footprint N5290A 110 GHz PNA-X, Focus Microwaves DELTA tuners will offer a very simple and efficient system which elegantly integrates on wafer.

mm-Wave on wafer load pull has always been a challenge for both test and design engineers as the inherent loss at high frequencies would limit the tuning and dynamic range on any load pull system. Focus Microwaves’ DELTA series of electro-mechanical tuners is designed specifically for high frequency on wafer measurements. The tuner’s low profile allows it to be placed within the wafer perimeter and allows for a direct connection between the probe tip and the tuner, eliminating all possible insertion loss between the DUT and the tuner. This revolutionary new tuner design enables the engineer to achieve optimum tuning range, with a tuner whose footprint and weight has been dramatically reduced. More than just a vector network analyzer, the PNA-X Series of microwave network analyzers from Keysight, is the world’s most integrated and flexible microwave test engine for measuring active devices like amplifiers, mixers, and frequency converters.

The Focus Device Characterization Suite (FDCS) includes several software products aimed at characterizing transistor devices. The Load Pull Explorer software package (LPEx) is a load pull characterization and test software. Advanced software routines used for tuner control/calibration, driver based instrument communication, and reference plane de-embedding. Standard frequency based, time domain based (vector receiver based) measurements are supported. Additionally, hybrid active injection load pull now allows a combination of active injection and passive load pull.

Key highlights of the new turnkey solution:

  • On wafer load pull measurements up to 110 GHz
  • Measure and optimize key non-linear parameters
  • Perform both scalar and vector load pull
  • Uses Keysight N5290A 900 Hz to 110 GHz PNA mm-Wave system
  • Uses Keysight U8489A DC to 120 GHz USB thermocouple power sensor
  • Focus 110 GHz DELTA fundamental and harmonic tuners – Focus Device Characterization Software to control instrumentation and collect data
  • Measure multiple parameters over multi-octaves of frequency

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