RFS Develops Smaller Coaxial Cable Connections for 5G and Small Cell Deployments

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), a designer and manufacturer of total-package solutions for wireless and broadcast infrastructure, has announced the release of CELLFLEX factory-fit radio frequency (RF) jumper assemblies with premium performance NEX10 connectors. Miniaturized NEX10 connectors give operators the flexibility to make more coaxial cable connections in smaller spaces, a key requirement as they deploy 5G, small cell and other wireless technologies needed for network densification. 

Big performance in a small connector:

The premium performance NEX10 jumpers deliver outstanding PIM, low loss and premium VSWR (return loss) while supporting frequencies up to 6 GHz. It offers all of this in a compact and robust design that’s ruggedized for outdoor applications.

An optimal combination of performance characteristics, robust design and space-efficient connectors make RFS’ small cell cable assemblies ideal to support 5G and small cell deployments:

  • Low PIM (-166 dBc static and -162 dBc dynamic in UltraPIM models) improves network quality
  • Excellent VSWR/return loss increase network efficiency
  • Support for frequencies up to 6 GHz increases deployment flexibility today and tomorrow
  • NEX10 and 4.3-10-compatible connectors increase connection density and reduce weight
  • Factory soldering increases connector reliability
  • 1/4” super-flexible cable assembly simplifies installation in the tightest spaces

Part of a complete solution set:

To support operators’ need to transition to the smaller NEX10 connector format, RFS will also be releasing antennas, filters, multiplexers and other products with NEX10 interfaces. Learn more about RFS’ CELLFLEX factory-fit radio frequency (RF) jumper assemblies with premium performance NEX10 connectors.