Dual-Frequency Omni-Directional Antennas for MIMO from 2300 to 5850 MHz

KP Performance Antennas has released a new series of dual-band (dual-frequency), omni-directional antennas available in 2 GHz/3 GHz, 2 GHz/5 GHz and 3 GHz/5 GHz configurations.

The new line of omni antennas consists of 3 models, each with 4-ports, dual-band functionality and horizontal/vertical (H/V) polarization. They provide two frequencies in a single radome enclosure with one mounting point. They are dual-band, enabling 2x2 MIMO in each band or 4x4 MIMO across bands with carrier aggregation.

The antennas deliver high-gain ranging from 10-12 dBi and operate in a range of dual frequencies from 2300-2700 MHz + 3500-3800 MHz, 2300-2700 MHz + 5150-5850 MHz, and 3500-3800 MHz + 5150-5850 MHz. All models utilize four N-type connectors.

By using low and high-band radios within a single antenna, the line provides different levels of coverage or service to the end user. Elevation beam-width for this product line ranges from 7 degrees to 10 degrees. The central function of these antennas is as a base station antenna for 2 GHz, 3 GHz and 5 GHz AP radios.

KP's new dual-frequency omni antennas are in-stock and can be ordered directly from KP's authorized distributors or from the KP Performance Antennas.

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