Stop by Mini Circuits Booth at IMS to see a 3D mm-Wave Imaging Demonstration

At the International Microwave Symposium (IMS 2019) in Boston from June 2-7, Mini Circuits will be showcasing its new product range and test & measurement solutions for RF, Microwave, mm-Wave applications.

Mini-Circuits will showcase a new lineup of products and technologies for applications across the wireless spectrum up to 86 GHz. Highlights will include new MMIC products up to 45 GHz, LTCC passives in packages as small as 0202, waveguide bandpass filters, cables and interconnect products up to 65 GHz, solutions for test and measurement, and many more. 

The exhibit will also include a live demo of Mini-Circuits and Vayyar's new VTRIG-74 3D millimeter wave imaging and sensing research kit. The VTRIG-74 is a revolutionary tool incorporating Vayyar’s highly integrated RFIC technology and radar IP into a compact evaluation kit. This kit enables researchers around the world to explore and realize millimeter wave imaging and sensing applications without the cost and overhead that would otherwise be associated with developing the required hardware.

Stop by the Mini-Circuits Booth at IMS 2019 to learn more about the Vayyar 3D-millimeter wave Imaging and sensing research kit.

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