LPKF to Demonstrate Latest Benchtop PCB Prototyping Machines at IMS 2019

LPKF, a manufacturer of laser and machine PCB Prototyping Machines and other advanced equipment for research and development and manufacturing will be showcasing its new PCB prototyping machine for RF/Microwave applications at IMS 2019 in Boston, MA June 4th – 6th.

The ProtoMat S104 model has been upgraded with a higher speed 100,000 RPM variable speed spindle motor and high-precision copper thickness sensor probe. It’s now capable of handling the most sensitive materials, such as PTFE or ceramic filled PTFE for RF/Microwave applications. Now with an automatic tool change and depth sensor, the cut depth can be precisely and automatically controlled with zero operator interaction. This innovative evolution makes the LPKF S104 the best and first ever, truly automated PCB prototyping machine that fits on a desktop or benchtop, and can be used in-house by everyday designers and technicians with limited training. 

LPKF will also be talking about how their equipment has solved various challenges faced by companies in the RF/Microwave Industry.

Trilithic Works Out the Kinks in a Lumped Element Filter Design:

Challenge: The fast-paced world of RF and Microwave Design often requires a certain amount of agility. As projects evolve, the ability to make last-minute design changes without compromising production schedules provides a significant competitive advantage. However, lengthy board house turn around times can make practicing such agility easier said than done.

Solution: To maintain flexibility and agility for its customers, Trilithic relies on in-house rapid printed circuit board (PCB) prototyping equipment from LPKF. Click here to know more about challenges and advanced solution for Lumped Element Filter Design.

Fraunhofer Institute Flies through Material Trials of Millimeter-wave Circuits with a ProtoLaser S:

Challenge: Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics, is involved in not only engineering new solutions for millimeter-wave devices and components but in enabling their use in practical applications. For example, high-frequency radiometers can be used to continuously measure the temperature and humidity of the atmosphere using a ground-based system. 

Solution: A compact, laboratory-qualified laser system designed specifically for prototyping as well as on-demand small batch production of PCBs are equipped with casters for mobility and requires only compressed air, a vacuum, and a standard 110-VAC power outlet. Using a patented process, the laser can structure circuitry with great precision on most circuit substrates. The laser beam circumscribes the contours of circuit artwork on fully clad PCB material, thus producing the wiring structure. Click here to know more about solution and result discovered by the Institute for material trials of millimeter-wave circuits with a ProtoLaser S.

Stop by the LPKF Booth to learn more about PCB Prototyping Machines for RF/Microwave Applications.

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