Accumet to Unveil Latest in Precision Ceramic Processing & Laser Techniques at IMS 2019

Accumet, a precision processing center and value-added supplier of RF, aerospace, and medical ceramics and other materials will be at booth #1403 at IMS 2019 in Boston next week from 4-6 June.

Accumet Engineering and Laser Services have officially merged under the brand name Accumet and are now a single source of supply for a variety of advanced ceramic material processing and laser machining services from their two facilities in Hudson and Westford, MA. Accumet will be discussing with RF/microwave designers their ultra-precise lapping and polishing techniques for ceramic alumina and aluminum nitride, silica, BeO, and metals as part of pre-processing steps for semiconductors and other microelectronics, while also reviewing guidelines for pre- and post-manufacturing laser machining, such as laser cutting, drilling, and marking. Accumet is sharing their knowledge for properly creating laser welded hermetic seals. 

Accumet’s specialties include historically proven lapping and polishing methods for optimal integrated circuit adhesion and reliability with micron-scale accuracy, and fast, dependable laser cutting and drilling of materials and circuits―including precision vias and through holes.

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