Interesting Technical Sessions on Amplifiers at IMS 2019

The IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society’s 2019 IMS Microwave Week will be held from 2-7 June 2019 in Boston, Massachusetts. At IMS 2019, the technical sessions on Amplifiers, chaired by renowned industry specialists, will be followed by the paper presentation. 

Here is the list of some Technical sessions and papers to be presented at IMS 2019 based on Amplifiers.

The session will be Chaired by Wolfgang Heinrich, FBH and Co-chaired by Kenle Chen, University of South Florida.

Abstract: This session presents state-of-the-art designs of integrated power amplifiers in various CMOS technologies. The focus is primarily on emerging mm-Wave PAs, but a novel sub-6 GHz PA is also presented. The designs target linear and efficient power amplification towards 5G wireless communications. The following papers will be presented.

  1. A 38-GHz-Band Power Amplifier with Analog Pre-Distortion for 1600-MHz Transmission Bandwidth 64-QAM OFDM Modulated Signal (13:30 - 13:50)
  2. A Ka-Band Stacked Power Amplifier with 24.8-dBm Output Power and 24.3% PAE in 65-nm CMOS Technology (13:50 - 14:10)
  3. A Ka-Band Highly Linear Power Amplifier with a Linearization Bias Circuit (14:10 - 14:30)
  4. A Fully-Integrated 2.6GHz Stacked Switching Power Amplifier in 45nm SOI CMOS with >2W Output Power and 43.5% Efficiency (14:30 - 14:50)
  5. A 19.1% PAE, 22.4-dBm 53-GHz Parallel Power Combining Power Amplifier with Stacked-FET Techniques in 90-nm CMOS (14:50 - 15:00)

The session will be Chaired by Jonmei Yan, MaXentric Technologies and Co-chaired by Wenhua Chen, University Tsinghua University

This session covers new developments in high-efficiency GaN amplifiers from UHF through Ka-band. Recent advances in Doherty/outphasing architectures will be presented. The following papers will be presented:

  1. 70% Efficient Dual-Input Doherty-Outphasing Power Amplifier for Large PAPR Signals (08:00 - 08:20)
  2. A Fully Integrated C-Band GaN MMIC Doherty Power Amplifier with High Gain and High Efficiency for 5G Application (08:20 - 08:40)
  3. Design, Analysis and Evaluation of a Broadband High-Power Amplifier for Ka-Band Frequencies (08:40 - 09:00)
  4. High-Efficiency, Ka-Band GaN Power Amplifiers (09:00 - 09:20)
  5. A Highly Efficient and Compact 6kW GaN Solid-State Microwave Generator for CW 2.45GHz Applications (09:20 - 09:30)

The session will be Chaired by Charles Campbell, Qorvo and Co-chaired by Rüdiger Quay, Fraunhofer IAF.

This session describes wide bandwidth design techniques and circuit examples. Two papers present state-of-the-art distributed power amplifiers. The remaining papers in the session describe high-efficiency design techniques. The following papers will be presented:

  1. A 2–20GHz Distributed GaN Power Amplifier Using a Novel Biasing Technique (10:10 - 10:30)
  2. High-Efficiency Broadband PA Design Based on Continuous Class-F Mode with Compression (10:30 - 10:50)
  3. A 10–3100MHz Nested-Mode Highly Efficient Power Amplifier for Multi-Octave Applications (10:50 - 11:10)
  4. A Novel 1.4–4.8GHz Ultra-Wideband, Over 45% High Efficiency Digitally Assisted Frequency-Periodic Load Modulated Amplifier (11:10 - 11:30)
  5. A 2 to 18GHz Compact High-Gain and High-Power GaN Amplifier (11:30 - 11:50)

The session will be Chaired by James Buckwalter, University of California, Santa Barbara and Co-chaired by Ed Niehenke, Niehenke Consulting.

This session will include papers presenting record results for GaN and InP power amplifiers (PA) as well as new measurement data of PA cells in III-V HEMT technologies at terahertz bands. The following papers will be presented:

  1. A 140-GHz 0.25-W PA and a 55–135GHz 115–135mW PA, High-Gain, Broadband Power Amplifier MMICs in 250-nm InP HBT (10:10 - 10:30)
  2. 300GHz Broadband Power Amplifier with 508GHz Gain-Bandwidth Product and 8dBm Output Power (10:30 - 10:50)
  3. A 175GHz Bandwidth High Linearity Distributed Amplifier in 500nm InP DHBT Technology (10:50 - 11:10)
  4. 190-GHz G-Band GaN Amplifier MMICs with 40GHz of Bandwidth (11:10 - 11:30)
  5. Investigation of Compact Power Amplifier Cells at THz Frequencies Using InGaAs mHEMT Technology (11:30 - 11:50)

The session will be Chaired by Paul Draxler, Qualcomm and Co-chaired by Zoya Popović, University of Colorado.

Load-modulated PAs enable higher efficiency at back-off. This can be achieved through 2-way or N-way Doherty or other non-isolated output combiner networks. Low-power CMOS through high-power GaN and LDMOS implementations are presented over various bandwidths below 6GHz. The following papers will be presented:

  1. A 750-W High Efficiency LDMOS New Four-Way Doherty Amplifier for Base-Station Applications (10:10 - 10:30)
  2. An 80W Power Amplifier with 50% Efficiency at 8dB Power Back-Off Over 2.6–3.8GHz (10:30 - 10:50)
  3. Fully Integrated Wideband Doherty PA with Additive-Voltage Supported Load-Modulation in CMOS 130nm (10:50 - 11:10)
  4. Load Modulated Balanced Amplifier with Reconfigurable Phase Control for Extended Dynamic Range (11:10 - 11:30)
  5. Doherty-to-Balanced Switchable Power Amplifier (11:30 - 11:40)

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