Ampleon to Showcase its Latest LDMOS & GaN Solutions at IMS 2019

At IMS 2019, Ampleon will introduce its wide variety of new LDMOS and GaN solutions targeting telecom, aerospace and defence, NCC, ISM, cooking and defrosting applications. This year the MTT IMS event takes place in Boston from 4-6 June.

At booth number 672, Ampleon will showcase the following products:

  • Ground-breaking solutions for 4G and 5G mobile broadband radio networks, offering the industry’s best compromise between performance, power consumption, cost and size and delivering the best efficiency from massive-MIMO active antennas up to high-power RF power amplifiers
  • A new line of 65V Advanced Rugged Transistors (ART) designed to unlock so far untapped levels of extreme ruggedness and extra-high breakdown voltages
  • Next generation of easy-to-use radar and wideband GaN transistors enabling highest efficiency architectures 
  • Industry-leading portfolio of transistors, highly integrated low-cost pallet modules and multi-kilowatt system reference designs tailored for industrial, cooking and defrosting applications at 433MHz, 915MHz and 2.4GHz 
  • Latest Avionics, L-band and S-band LDMOS radar transistors based upon the 9th generation technology, pushing the limit of LDMOS power density to enable best-in-class efficiency figures at a well-optimized cost structure.

Senior members of the Ampleon team will also present the following technical papers:

1. A 10 W Fully-integrated LDMOS MMIC Doherty in LGA Package for 2.7 GHz Small Cell Applications (Paper ID 266-KW401) - Thursday, June 6, 1.30 pm.

2. A 750 W High Efficiency LDMOS New Four-way Doherty Amplifier for Base-Station Applications (Paper ID 266-FD431) - Thursday, June 6, 10:10 am.

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  • Country: Netherlands
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