NXP Showcasing Products for 5G Wireless Infrastructure and RF Energy

At the IEEE MTT International Microwave Symposium (IMS) in Boston, NXP is exhibiting a wide range of products for 5G wireless infrastructure, smart antenna solutions, and RF energy. At booth #548 they are demonstrating a full line-up of integrated solutions for 5G mMIMO cellular base stations, 5G mmWave solutions including high-performance analog beamforming ICs in frequencies ranging from 24-40 GHz designed for both FWA and RAN applications, 5G macro solutions of RF power amplifiers and more. Their complete portfolio offers power levels from milliwatts to kilowatts and frequencies from sub-6 GHz to 40 GHz. 

Here are some products that they are discussing/showcasing at IMS 2019:

5G mMIMO Solutions

NXP offers a full lineup of integrated solutions designed for 5G mMIMO cellular base stations.

  • AFRX5G372 – AFLP5G35645 – AFSC5G35D37       
  • AFRX5G272 – AFLP5G25641 – AFSC5G26D37        
  • AFSC5G37D37
  • AFSC5G35D35
  • AFSC5G23D37

5G mmWave Solutions

NXP solutions include high-performance analog beamforming ICs in frequencies ranging from 24 to 40 GHz. These enable our customers to build the 5G mmWave phased array antenna systems of the future and serve consumers with substantial bandwidths in both FWA and RAN applications.

  • MMW9002KC

5G Macro Solutions  

NXP offers a full lineup of RF power amplifier solutions for 5G cellular base stations. 

  • A3G26H501W17S
  • A3G26H200W17S
  • A3I25X050N
  • A3T21H600W40S
  • A3I20X050N
  • A3I20D060N
  • A3T18H600W40S
  • A3V09H600-37N
  • A2V09H525-04N

Consumer and Industrial

NXP enables fast time to market with GaN and LDMOS RF power solutions targeted for industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM), broadcast, RF energy, mobile radio, and aerospace and defense applications.

  • MRF24G300HS 
  • MRF101AN
  • 65 V LDMOS solutions
  • MMRF5014H
  • MMRF5018HS
  • MRFE8VP8600H
  • RFEM24-015

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