AR to Demonstrate its RF & Microwave Amplifier Solutions at IMS 2019

At IMS 2019 taking place in Boston this week, AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation is displaying a wide range of Amplifier solutions. Celebrating their 50th anniversary this year, AR is featuring their new higher power low-cost Universal series amplifiers with the widest bandwidth in the industry, covering the 10 kHz to 1000 MHz frequency range. They are also demonstrating the new ampwebwARe embedded software that remotely monitors and can control the amplifier's operation. Additional highlights at booth #572 include new RF Solid State CW Amplifiers, Pulsed Amplifiers, and TWTAs.

Here is a list of products that AR is showcasing at the IMS Booth:

AR's 10 kHz-1000 MHz U Series Amplifier, Now Up To 250 Watts!

With the broadest frequency range (each covering 10kHz – 1000MHz) and a wide spectrum of power from 1-250 watts, the new "U" Series amplifiers are ideal for multiple applications across diverse industries. With these innovative amplifiers, engineers succeeded at creating smaller, more affordable amps without compromising on performance or durability. These are extremely hard-working, long-lasting amplifiers with the power and frequency coverage for universal applications. 

AR's 0.7-6 GHz Solid State Hybrid Power Modules

Their line of 0.7 – 6 GHz Hybrid Power Module Products (HPMs) offers the ultimate in performance over this wide frequency range in one compact connectorized housing with CW power levels to 50 watts Class A. Inquire about Class AB versions. These designs manufactured in their state-of-the-art Microelectronics lab can meet the stringent requirements for today’s electronic warfare military systems and IED applications, as well as being price competitive for wireless and communication applications.

AR's 0.7-6 GHz Solid State Benchtop Power Amplifiers

Now you can achieve high linear output power up to 500 watts CW over the 0.7 to 6 GHz instantaneous frequency band with one amplifier. These amplifiers replace two products normally offered by AR's competitors resulting in lower total cost, ease of operation, and better performance. Class A and Class AB versions are available depending upon your application. Typical applications are EW, wireless system & device testing, wireless stress & reliability screening, and EMC testing. For more info, click here.

AR's 6-18 GHz Benchtop Amplifiers

AR has added liquid cooling to its popular 6 to 18 GHz amplifiers product line to initially include Class A, 20 (20S6G18-L) and 40 (40S6G18-L) watt output power models. By using the latest transistor technology and advanced cooling techniques these amplifiers exhibit improved MTBF through lower component count and lower operating temperatures. Applications include EW, TWTA replacements, and EMC radiated susceptibility testing.

Dual Band 0.7-18 GHz Class A Amplifiers

AR now offers the widest Class A solid-state frequency range coverage in a single amplifier housing. These CW amplifiers cover 0.7 to 18 GHz in a dual-band configuration. The low band unit covers 0.7 to 6.0 GHz up to 60 watts and 6 to 18 GHz up to 40 watts. And of course, they are infinitely rugged working into any load mismatch. They put it together for you in one package that costs less, weighs less, and takes up less space than two separate amplifiers.

Solid State Pulsed Power Amplifiers

For automotive and military EMC radiated susceptibility testing, as well as radar and communication applications, there is now a very attractive alternative to Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTA’s). These Solid State Pulse Amplifiers feature a touchscreen control panel, GPIB interface, TTL gating, fault monitoring, and forced air cooling. Units feature Octave frequency bands from 1-4 GHz as well as narrowband 1.2-1.4 & 2.7-3.1 GHz bands. Output powers from 1 to 20 kW are available with pulse widths up to 100 µsec. and duty cycles to 10%.

Rob Rowe Presents AR’s New AmpwebwARe Embedded Software

As technology evolves, electronic devices continue to take on a more mobile and virtual nature. While RF and microwave amplifiers themselves may never become truly ‘mobile’, the way we control them can be. AR’s new ampwebwARe gives you the capability to monitor and control your amplifier remotely without the need for any additional software. AmpwebwARe allows for remote communication to any AR amplifier’s embedded webpage through any device connected to the same network as the amplifier.

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