ConductRF Showcases Flexible, Rugged, Low Loss Phase Stables Cables at IMS 2019

Leading interconnect solutions provider, ConductRF, is showcasing its latest cables and connectors solutions at the IMS 2019 event in Boston.

Highlighted products at their booth includes:

TE RF Nano (PFT33 Micro Flexible NanoRF Cables): ConductRF’s PFT33 Series of Micro Flexible Cable Assemblies has been designed directly with TE Connectivity involvement and in partnership to maximize the capabilities of TE’s new Vita67.3 NanoRF VPX Modular connector system. ConductRF offers its soft FEP jacketed ø0.047”cable to facilitate maximum flexibility and provides solutions for jumper cables or assemblies to SMA, MCX, SMP, SMPM etc. Phase matching of such cables is also possible. Click here to learn more.

High Power RF Cables (POWeRUN Rugged - Low Loss): These are low loss, high power RF cable assemblies meant for military & commercial applications. They show versatile performance characteristics including phase stability of ±8 Deg to 18 GHz, amplitude stability from ±0.5 dB to 18 GHz, a max power rate of 345W @ 18 GHz and a flex life of over 5,000 Cycles. Click here to learn more.

Phase/Temp Stable RF Cables (0.141” & 0.086” Cable Sizes): This ConductRF PFT series of low loss, performance flexible RF cable assemblies utilize a new A28PT & A29PT dielectric material that eliminates the PTFE Knee that causes phase to significant vary with temperature. The dielectric used in the cables make them suitable for use in applications where phase stab stability with temperature change is critical as in aerospace applications. Click here to learn more.

Other products at the Conduct RF Booth include:

  • Flexible & Semi-Rigid Phase/Temp Cables
  • VNA Test cables
  • RF Test Leads for Production & Lab Use
  • High Power RF Solutions
  • D38999 Cable & Harness Solutions
  • VITA 67 Productions and Solutions
  • Custom Connectors and Cables

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  • Country: United States
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