E-Band Automotive Radar Enables Long Range 3D Target Detection

Leading radar & wireless communications expert, Arralis, has launched a new E-Band automotive radar system that is better than existing solutions available in the market. The Corvus Radar has a better detection range, elevation resolution, and scan area, enabling multiple 3D target detection at up to 300 m over a ±45° azimuth angle and ±7° elevation angle.

The system utilizes the Arralis Corvus MMIC portfolio and a patented analog beamforming technique to enable detection of a 0 dBm target. This enables it to detect a fast approaching motorbike, at a distance of 300 m.

The company’s extensive experience with all aspects of millimeter-wave system design has enabled it to meet this demanding specification. To achieve a higher level of vehicle autonomy the detection of targets at greater distances and in unfavorable weather conditions is essential. Arralis sees the Corvus Radar as essential to enabling safe operation of autonomous vehicles in the most challenging environments.

The company is presently working with leading automotive OEMs and is looking forward to working with interested customers who wish to evaluate the system. They are showcasing the new system at the TU-Automotive Detroit Conference (Booth 261) from June 4th-6th 2019. Principal RF Engineer, Peter Ludlow, and Senior Technical Project Manager, Luke Curley, will be available at Enterprise Ireland (booth B155) for comments.