VNA Test Solution Addresses Emerging High-Frequency 5G and Satellite Applications

At IMS 2019, Anritsu is showcasing its latest test solutions for emerging 5G, satellite and signal integrity applications while also highlighting its advanced vector network analyzer (VNA) technology. At their booth they are displaying solutions that meet the testing requirements to verify chipsets, components, and systems associated with today’s high-speed, high-frequency commercial and military applications.

Products and Demonstrations at IMS 2019

Anritsu is giving a demonstration featuring the VectorStar VNA. They are showcasing the VectorStar in the industry’s first broadband system that supports 70 kHz to 220 GHz in a single sweep. It is the first public showing of the solution, with the official launch of the VectorStar 220 GHz system slated for later in 2019.

Anritsu is also introducing a 43.5 GHz frequency option for its 2 and 4-port ShockLine VNAs with guaranteed specifications using Anritsu’s new Extended-K type connectors and components. With the option, the ShockLine family is the first VNA to support specified 43.5 GHz functionality using a K-connector, creating distinct cost-of-test and time-to-market advantages in high-frequency applications.

With the introduction of the Extended-K calibration kits and accessories, the option eliminates the need to use inconvenient adaptors or completely change to the more expensive and cumbersome 2.4 mm connector types. It provides design and manufacturing engineers with an efficient solution that adds the critical 3.5 GHz to a test environment for verification of products used in emerging 5G applications. Click here to view Anritsu's VNA portfolio.

Extended-K Brings Cost Efficiency

At IMS, Anritsu is also unveiling its Extended-K connector family. The components achieve 43.5 GHz mode-free performance due to careful management of mechanical specifications, such as placement and tolerances of the support bead and pin depth, on the connector design. Mechanical airlines were used to characterize the various components to establish traceability through a national standards body to verify measurement credibility. 

While the Extended-K interconnect solutions were with the ShockLine family at IMS, the components are test instrument agnostic so they can be used in any VNA-based test environment.

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