SAGE Millimeter Showcases its New Waveguide Solutions at IMS 2019

At IMS 2019 in Boston, SAGE Millimeter is showcasing several new products at their booth. IMS 2019 is the largest gathering of RF, Microwave and mm-Wave engineers and companies. At the event SAGE Millimeter is showcasing some interesting products:

Uni-Guide Waveguide Connector (Patent Pending)

SAGE Millimeter has invented the Uni-Guide to fulfill the need for a waveguide connector, like the coaxial connector, to create a direct waveguide interface without additional efforts. SAGE Millimeter has released WR-28, WR-22 and WR-19 waveguide connectors to accept the most commonly used 12-mil diameter glass bead with 0.48” mounting hole separation in the industry. Other bands and configurations are still under development.

WR-19 PA with Uni-Guide: SBP-4036031519-1919-E1

Model SBP-4036031519-1919-E1 is a power amplifier with a typical small signal gain of 15 dB and a nominal P1dB of +19 dBm in the frequency range of 40 to 60 GHz, respectively. The DC power requirement for the amplifier is +8 VDC/300 mA. The mechanical configuration offers an inline structure with WR-19 waveguides and UG-383/U-M flanges. Other port configurations, such as right angle structure with WR-19 waveguides or 1.85 mm connectors, are also available under different model numbers. This product features SAGE Millimeter's trade-marked Uni-GuideTM universal WR-19 waveguide connector. It provides a standard waveguide interface from the standard coaxial glass bead pin to cover the frequency range of 40 to 60 GHz, offering an efficient standard waveguide interface without any mechanical modifications.

1.35 mm Product Series

SAGE Millimeter has announced its new 1.35 mm (E) connector product series. The 1.35 mm (E) coax connector has an upper frequency of at least 90 GHz, making it perfect for very high-performance E-Band applications including automotive, satellite, and mobile communications. These new connectors are higher performing, lower cost, and more ruggedized compared with their 1 mm counterparts. The series is designed and manufactured for instrumentation grade quality, but offered at a commercial grade price, allowing for an efficient transition between the rectangular waveguide and 1.35 mm (E) coax connector. End launch (180°) and right angle (90°) versions are available along with coaxial cables and coaxial adapters.

Coaxial Programmable Attenuator: 

The STA-0004036010-2F2F-P7 is a coaxial programmable attenuator, well-suited for use in microwave and millimeter systems where auto attenuation adjustment is required. The attenuator covers the frequency range of DC to 40 GHz. The attenuation bias and control are via a 10 pin (2x5) 0.1" pin spacing shrouded male connector to accommodate remote operations from 0 to 60 dB. The attenuation step sizes are 10 dB. The actuator control and interface circuits are custom designed and uniquely packaged within the attenuator housing. The microprocessor-based electronics ramp the speed of a precision actuator to ensure fast and accurate positioning. The RF connectors are 2.4 mm female. Other connector options are offered under different model numbers. A 9” female to female cable with 10 pin connectors is included for interface convenience.

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  • Country: United States
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