Integra Technologies to Accelerate Thermally Enhanced GaN/SiC Readiness for US Air Force

Integra Technologies has received a two-year contract from the US Air Force to accelerate technology and manufacturing readiness of its patented, Thermally-Enhanced GaN/SiC technology. Integra’s GaN/SiC technology is ideal for high efficiency, solid-state RF power applications including high power radar systems requiring improved performance, increased range and reduced operating costs.

Integra Technologies has developed its Thermally-Enhanced GaN/SiC to deliver superior power and efficiency while operating at lower temperatures which is a key enabler of next generation high performance radar platforms. The company is leveraging its domestic R&D and manufacturing platform to optimize the GaN epitaxial wafer, device design and package design. Additionally, the U.S. Air Force contract will enable robust qualification of Integra’s Thermally Enhanced GaN/SiC for production.

According to Suja Ramnath, President and CEO of Integra Technologies, through this effort, the company has the opportunity to commercialize its leap-ahead GaN/SiC technology to meet the high efficiency performance and production readiness requirements of the U.S. Department of Defense. Founded in 1997, Integra is a leading provider of RF and Microwave power semiconductor and pallet solutions for mission-critical applications including state-of-the-art radar, electronic warfare and advanced communications systems.