pSemi Introduces Next Generation of UltraCMOS RF SOI Technology

At IMS 2019 in Boston, pSemi has unveiled its new RF SOI technology platform. The UltraCMOS 13 is the next generation of proprietary RFSOI technology - manufactured in high-volume 300mm foundries, enabling superior performance and integration for RF front-end components.

pSemi is a leader in silicon-on-insulator (SOI) innovation for RF applications, pioneering UltraCMOS technology over thirty years ago. With UltraCMOS 11, pSemi developed the industry's first SOI process on 12-inch (300mm) wafers, delivering unparalleled integration and paving the way for future evolution of SOI technology. UltraCMOS 12, introduced in January 2017, astounded the industry with a RONCOFF performance level of 80 fs. RONCOFF is a key performance metric of an RF switch, which is controlled to turn "on" (a resistor) or "off" (a capacitor). A low resistance (RON) reduces insertion loss and a low capacitance (COFF) increases isolation. In RF switching, performance is optimal when both metrics are as low as possible.

UltraCMOS 13 leverages exceptional RONCOFF and FMAX performance, enabling pSemi to deliver a differentiated RFIC portfolio. Initial product rollouts will target 5G-NR sub-6 GHz applications, including low-noise amplifiers (LNA), power amplifiers (PA) and switches. The new 300mm SOI platform features several additional advantages for superior RF performance, including ultra-low leakage FETs for PAs, lower NFMIN for LNAs, high-power handling for switches, and optimized 1.2V analog and digital support.

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