Glass-based, 3D RF Device Innovator Secures Funding from Lockheed Martin

3D Glass Solutions (3DGS), a leading innovator of glass-based, three-dimensional passive RF devices, has secured an investment from aerospace and global security leader Lockheed Martin, as part of its Series B funding.

3D Glass Solutions produces a wide variety of glass-based system-in-package (SiP) devices and components using its patented low-loss photosensitive APEX® Glass technology for applications in radio-frequency (RF) electronics, photonics, automotive radar, integrated circuit (IC) electronics, medical, aerospace, defense, wireless infrastructure, mobile handset, and Internet of Things (IOT) industries. They provide their customers complete glass-enabled systems integration services. Their aim is to provide our customers with an integrative solution in RF electronics and IC packaging that allows them to integrate more components onto a single platform while decreasing overall manufacturing costs.

3DGS provides unique, patented technology that spans the GHz spectrum and allows high-performance RF communication essential to both commercial consumer and complex avionics, space, and security systems operating at high frequency. Delivering the ability to integrate functionality that has previously been unattainable due to conventional technology limitations, 3DGS’ glass-based solutions will enable systems designers to develop and produce state-of-the-art RF components. 

With this acquisition, Lockheed Martin will gain access to the advanced component design capability of 3DGS for high-frequency and heterogeneous electronics applications that could be applied to help address the size, weight and power demands across Lockheed Martin’s platforms.