MACOM Demonstrates its Range of W-Band (80-100 GHz) Components

At IMS 2019 in Boston last week, MACOM demonstrated its W-Band capabilities for mm-Wave communications, radars and passive imaging applications. IMS 2019, is the largest gathering of RF/Microwave experts in the world and was held in Boston, MA from 4-6 June, 2019.

The W-Band demonstration at MACOM's IMS Booth included:

  • A Variable Voltage Attenuator (VVA) (Typical Variable Attenuation Range: 25 dB)
  • A Reflective SPDT Switch with Integrated Bias Circuits (Typical Insertion Loss: 0.8 dB)
  • A Balanced 3-stage Power Amplifier (Typical Saturated Power: 24 dBm)

The control components are designed and manufactured utilizing MACOM's proprietary AlGaAs PIN Diode technology, and are aimed at enabling customers to realize control components with superior RF performance at extremely-high frequency (EHF). The inherent low resistance of AlGaAs technology can enable lower insertion loss, minimizing the need for expensive amplification functions and unwanted distortion at higher frequencies.

W-band is quickly becoming a reality for numerous applications, such as point-to-point communications and passive image radar. For passive image radars at 94 GHz, there is no need to illuminate or excite the target as the system can receive and process the 94 GHz frequency emissions naturally emitting from the environment. MACOM’s AlGaAs-based control components are helping enable these applications by delivering high frequency performance in the form of low insertion loss, high isolation and high linearity.

MACOM, at the event, also featured new product solutions optimized for 5G, wireless base stations, radar, test and measurement (T&M) and industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) applications.

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  • Country: United States
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