Long-Range Wireless Transmitter Eliminates the Need for Batteries

Wi-Charge, a long-range wireless power company, working with the goal of enabling automatic charging of phones and other smart devices, has announced the world's first production-ready long-range wireless power product. 

The new power transmitter is about the size of a soft drink can – one third the size of last-year's prototype. The transmitter blends into both residential and commercial environments and can be inconspicuously installed on track lighting, placed on a shelf, or plugged into a wall outlet. A unique feature of Wi-Charge's infrared (IR) light technology is that power levels are practically constant with distance, unlike other approaches, such as radio frequency (RF), which suffer a dramatic drop in power levels when the power receiver moves farther away from the energy source.

Wi-Charge's IR technology is also significantly more efficient than other approaches to long-range wireless power. Its light-based technology does not interfere with cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth or other forms of long-range communications. The Wi-Charge product is also plug-and-play – meaning no configuration is required.

Long-range wireless power is the third way of power delivery, overcoming the mobility challenges of wired power and the limitations of battery-based systems. Wi-Charge's patented light-based wireless charging system gives end-users the freedom they crave and product designers - the power they need.

It is the only approach that fulfills the three promises of wireless charging:

Power: Suitable for IoT and smart-home devices

Distance: Up to 5 meters away

Safety: UL certified and approved by U.S. and international regulatory bodies

According to IHS Markit, the wireless power market, is in its nascent stage and is expected to become mainstream with the potential for high growth. As its awareness increases and the technology advances, it will be a sought-after feature by consumers. The combined annual shipments of both wireless power receivers and transmitters is forecasted to grow to over 1.7 billion units by 2021 and exceed 7.5 billion units in 2027 (According to IHS Markit).

While the majority of existing solutions are currently ‘coupled-based’ technologies, meaning those that require very close proximity between the transmitter and its receiver, the ‘uncoupled-based’ technologies, that provide charging at a distance, offer great potential for disruptive products and use cases. Wi-Charge’s infrared-based (IR) technology, which is categorized as uncoupled technology, appears very promising in this regard and has resulted in positive responses and growing confidence from their partnering companies. Their progress towards mass production is a good and welcoming sign for the overall growth of wireless charging industry.

This wireless power transmitter is suitable for IoT and smart-home devices and can charge efficiently within 5 meters range. It is UL certified and approved by the U.S. and international regulatory bodies.