Kudelski IoT Security Platform Integrates Sequans’ NB-IoT Chipset

The Kudelski Group, a provider of end-to-end convergent media solutions & digital security and Sequans Communications, a provider of LTE for IoT semiconductor solutions, have announced that they have created a secure connectivity solution for LTE-M and NB-IoT devices. When combined with a SIM card or eSIM personalized with the Kudelski Root of Trust, the joint solution provides robust device identity and protects the device, data, decisions, commands and actions in ultra-small and power-efficient connected devices.

By combining Sequans’s LTE-M/NB-IoT chips with Kudelski’s security solution, the companies will securely connect millions of industrial, medical, consumer, and automotive devices to the customer’s cloud platform of choice. The Kudelski/Sequans integration removes barriers to entry and shortens time to market for device manufacturers by providing a single-chip solution pre-integrated with security and connectivity, protecting the entire security lifecycle of the device.

The Kudelski IoT Security Platform is a comprehensive solution that provides powerful security features to a wide range of IoT applications. Security of both device and application data is of paramount importance in IoT.

Sequans’ Monarch is the world’s most highly-optimized LTE-M/NB-IoT chip for M2M and IoT devices. Monarch’s ultra-low power consumption enables the long battery life needed by many IoT use cases and its programmable RF filtering enables global deployment in a Single-SKU.

The Kudelski IoT Security Platform is a universal platform implemented in different ecosystems with different partners, and has already been adopted by telco, industrial, consumer electronics and medical IoT partners and clients.