Thales Makes On-Board Connectivity Solutions a Reality with Internet-in-Skies

Right from your boarding gate to 35,000 feet above the sea level, anywhere in the world, Thales is continuously working on making In-flight connectivity simple, seamless and secure, for pilots, and crew, as well as those supporting them on the ground. With nose-to-tail aircraft and aircraft-to-ground connectivity, the Web has reached the sky.

As the only player providing full connectivity solutions compatible with the Iridium and Inmarsat satellite constellations, Thales offers pilots secure high-speed communications worldwide.Using Thales’s FlytLINK, pilots can cut down on radio chatter and paperwork, and access live weather forecasts and flight tracking, while their crews get real-time updates on gates, baggage, rescheduling and more.

Cabin-side, whether on a short domestic hop or a long-haul international flight, airline passengers no longer accept being cut off from the internet. To handle these demands, Thales Alenia Space is responding with Very High Throughput Satellites, such as the SES-17 and Inmarsat GX5, to support in-flight connectivity, offering telecommunications operators unparalleled capacity, digital agility, flexibility, and competitiveness.

With these advantages, as well as real-time monitoring of maintenance and data-based decision making, connectivity has become the driver of new business models for airlines. It saves money and creates opportunities, while enabling real-time exchanges that improve safety and efficiency.

According to Thales, five key trends are enhancing this revolution:

  • Coverage is becoming universal
  • Bandwidth is broadening
  • Services are expanding
  • Value for money is increasing 
  • Performance and security are improving

Using its expertise, not only in connectivity, but in cyber-security, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data, Thales is making the WorldWideWeb a reality in skies.