World's First Private NB-IoT Network for Critical Infrastructure Powered by Sequans

Puloli Inc, a provider of wide area IoT network connectivity services, has used Sequans’ Monarch technology and a Monarch-based GPy module from Pycom, to provide NB-IoT connectivity to critical infrastructure industries.

Puloli is providing full turnkey private IoT Network as a Service (NaaS) to its customers and is using Sequans and Pycom technology to connect the end user devices running on its network. Puloli’s network operates on a wide range of frequency bands, including licensed upper 700 MHz A-block spectrum. The company’s end-to-end solution benefits from the flexibility of Sequans’ Monarch technology to customize a band plan specific to this spectrum. The Puloli network is now live in northern Florida in partnership with a leading utility service provider in the region. Puloli’s network elements and devices have been granted certification by the FCC.

Together with Select Spectrum, a spectrum rights consulting company, and its utility partner in northern Florida, Puloli launched the world’s first-ever, stand-alone, private NB-IoT network for the critical infrastructure industry. Remote Units based on Sequans/Pycom modules are being deployed to support various applications. At the UTC Telecom & Technology conference that took place in Fort Worth, Texas, Puloli and Select Spectrum presented details about the new network and the services offered, and showcased the first FCC-certified product for this spectrum based on the Sequans-Pycom platform.

According to Robert Finch, President of Select Spectrum, the 20 utilities and other critical infrastructure companies that have already purchased upper 700 MHz A-Block licenses did so based on the availability of a range of industrial grade, high capacity and highly reliable radios. The addition of the NB-IoT low cost, long range, low power devices based on the Sequans-Pycom platform allows these license holders, and other similar companies, to consider additional applications for these frequencies.

Pycom’s GPy was the first and is still the only IoT development platform that combines LTE-M and NB-IoT connectivity with MicroPython in one device. It is the perfect enterprise grade platform for connecting things to the Internet and offers a path to scale with a variety of easy-to-integrate OEM modules. Pycom is a global Internet of Things technology company with a vision to give all connected ideas an opportunity to succeed. The company has pioneered an innovative and highly scalable IoT platform – a unique suite of hardware and software products that connect developers, enterprises and consumers.

Sequans’ Monarch is fully integrated into Pycom’s GPy module with a complete LTE software stack that is qualified for eNodeBs. Monarch is the world’s most highly optimized LTE-M/NB-IoT Platform, offering ultra-low power consumption for long battery life, accurate indoor and outdoor positioning, and global deployment capability in a Single-SKU. It is certified by operators worldwide.

The project with Puloli was undertaken by Sequans as part of its “Custom Technology Solutions” initiative where Sequans experts have addressed unusual communications challenges. In addition to this project with Puloli addressing utility markets, Sequans has also adapted its technology for other markets, including aviation, transportation, public safety, and satellite. Click here for more info.