Demand for RF-SOI to Help the Global SOI Market Grow to $2.1 Billion by 2024

According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the global Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) market, is projected to grow from $894 million in 2019 to $2.1 Billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 19.6% from 2019 to 2024. This growth will be driven by the improved performance offered by SOI and a low operating voltage required by SOI wafers. Growing use of SOI wafers in consumer electronics, and increasing investments by wafer manufacturers and foundry players in the SOI ecosystem are also factors driving the growth of the SOI market across the globe.

RF-SOI Wafer Type Segment Led SOI Market in 2018

The RF-SOI wafer type segment accounted for the largest share of the SOI market in 2018. The growth of this segment can be attributed to the wide acceptance of RF-SOI in advanced Long-term Evolution (LTE) smartphones. Almost all smartphones use RF-SOI wafers in their RF Front-end Modules (FEMs) and antenna switches. Leading players offering RF-SOI include Soitec (France), Shin-Etsu Chemical (Japan), GlobalWafers (Taiwan), and Simgui (China). Moreover, foundry players are also launching new wafers based on RF-SOI in the market. For instance, in September 2018, GlobalFoundries (US) started the production of its mobile-optimized 8SW 300 mm based on the RF-SOI technology platform. 300 mm RF-SOI is used in FEM applications, including 5G, IoT, and wireless communication.

Smart Cut Technology Segment Estimated to Account Largest Share of SOI Market in 2019

The smart cut technology segment is expected to lead the SOI market during the forecast period. Smart cut technology is a proprietary technology of Soitec (France) and is used for wafer bonding and layer splitting. Soitec offers this technology to most of its wafer manufacturing partners, including Shin-Etsu Chemical (Japan) and Simgui (China). Smart cut technology enables wafer manufacturers to transfer a thin layer of crystalline material from one substrate to another. Moreover, this technology is more flexible as compared to other technologies. It offers high uniformity and excellent bonding interface in wafers and controls their thickness variability.

Europe Estimated to Account for Largest Share of SOI Market in 2019

Europe is expected to lead the SOI market in 2019. The market in Europe is projected to experience increased traction during the forecast period due to the presence of several leading players such as Soitec (France) and STMicroelectronics (Switzerland) in this region. Moreover, it is also a hub for automotive players. Ongoing technological advancements in its automotive sector are expected to increase the demand for SOI wafer-based products in the region, thereby fueling the growth of SOI market in Europe.

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