Telit Now Has Five IoT Modules Certified for Use on Deutsche Telekom's Network

Telit, an enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), has announced that Deutsche Telekom AG has certified its ML865C1-EA and ME910C1-WW modules for use on its NB-IoT network. Telit now has five modules certified for NB-IoT use on Deutsche Telekom's network, giving European integrators and OEM's new opportunities for future-proofing their IoT investments, maximizing battery life and connectivity deep inside buildings. 

The ML865C1-EA and ME910C1-WW are ideal for regional European and global IoT applications such as smart metering, security/surveillance, point of sale, health monitoring, fleet management, asset tracking and wearable trackers, fitness and wellness devices. Both modules are members of Telit's best-selling xE910 and xL865 families. As a result, a large number of existing applications can be upgraded simply with a drop-in replacement of 2G, 3G and the various categories of LTE modules from the same family. With Telit's design-once-use-anywhere philosophy, developers can cut costs and development time by simply designing for the xE910 LGA and xL865 VQFN common form factors, giving them the freedom to deploy technologies and feature sets best suited to their target markets.

In September 2018, Deutsche Telekom NB-IoT certified the Telit ME910C1-E1, ME910C1-E2 and NE910C1-E1. The ME910C1-E2, as well as the newly certified ML865C1-EA and ME910C1-WW, all support 2G fallback, which provides the best possible coverage in Europe and other geographies.

Deutsche Telekom is committed to working with partners like Telit to connect enterprises to the upcoming opportunities. Telit and its high-quality products are a strong addition to our rapidly growing portfolio of IoT certified modules.

With these additional certifications, Telit offers the market the widest selection of multi-mode modules approved for use on Deutsche Telekom's next-generation NB-IoT network. This highlights Telit's longstanding partnership with Deutsche Telekom to give IoT integrators, providers and their customers the breakthrough foundational technologies they need to power innovation.