PPG Introduces a Flexible, Moldable and Affordable EMI/RF Shielding Material

Global supplier of coatings, and specialty materials, PPG, has introduced a new flexible, moldable and affordable shielding solution, the PPG TESLIN EMI/RF shielding material that can be customized to provide specific shielding functionality and performance.

Patent pending with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, PPG Teslin EMI/RF (electromagnetic interference/radio-frequency) shielding material is designed for electronic applications that require shielding to function properly, protect RF transponders from illegitimate reading or writing, or provide a durable grounding path. Common examples include pouches for credit cards, cell phones and electronic toll passes, grounding tapes, circuit boards, safe rooms, actuated chips, antennas and electronic devices.

The new material is also gaining interest globally as a shielding solution for advanced electronic passports (e-passports) because of its ability to protect against fraudulent access to travelers’ personal data, thereby increasing document security. More than 75 nations use PPG Teslin substrate as a key component in their e-passport designs. The material has been trusted for nearly 15 years to secure and protect embedded electronics in passport inlays and electronic covers due to its bonding strength and inherent flexibility and tamper-resistance.

By transitioning from PPG Teslin substrate to PPG Teslin EMI/RF shielding material, government passport designers can create documents that offer citizens an added layer of protection against data skimming without significantly increasing production costs. According to Pierre Scaglia, PPG Global Segment Manager, Secure Credentials, Teslin Substrate Products, the addition of RF-shielding capability to standard PPG Teslin substrate creates an even higher level of value and functionality for e-passports.

Coated with PPG-manufactured conductive inks, PPG Teslin EMI/RF shielding material can be customized to meet specific requirements for product functionality and shielding effectiveness. For example, ink coverage can be adjusted from full to partial and can be grid patterned or fully coated. The material comes in multiple grade and thickness options and is offered in sheets, master rolls or slit rolls. Like PPG Teslin substrate, the EMI/RF shielding material is compatible with a wide range of finishing techniques. These include folding, molding, perforating, stitching and gluing without altering the material’s shielding effectiveness.

Part of PPG’s specialty coatings and materials product portfolio, PPG Teslin substrate is a durable, secure and highly printable synthetic paper that excels for laminated print projects and other applications demanding a tough, high-performance material. Manufactured by PPG in Barberton, Ohio, PPG Teslin substrate also provides a variety of benefits for credential and identity documents. These include high-definition color photos, laser-engraving capabilities, built-in tamper evidence and flexible production and issuance options.

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