OctoTech Introduces New RFICs for IoT Applications

OctoTech has announced five new Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFICs) to complement its existing family RFICs in mass production now. OctoTech's RF front-end ICs are perfectly suited for the IoT (Internet of Things): Sensor Nodes, Mesh Networked Elements, and Gateways which demand increased wireless range with decreased power consumption, and lower component and system-level costs. OctoTech RFICs are fabricated using low-cost silicon wafers and processes yet achieve performance and power efficiencies that compete with more costly GaAs RFICs. OctoTech RFICs enable range-extension, performance-enhancement while keeping low current consumption for a broad range of popular wireless standards including Bluetooth, ZigbeeLoRaWANSigfox, and Thread.

These new products provide significant value to customers with versatile applications, as follows:

  • 8TR1215 is 2.4 GHz PA with RX Bypass and the world’s first BT/BLE RF front-end IC designed for 1.8V supply voltage with low current consumption consuming less than 1 µamp in bypass mode.
  • 8TR1218 is 2.4 GHz PA with RX Bypass, low power consumption and “nearly” constant PA gain versus supply voltage, is designed for applications which do not require the traditional LNA.
  • 8TR7201 is 2.4 GHz PA featuring up to +21 dBm of output power. This product is designed to be a very low-cost PA.
  • 8TR1111 is OctoTech’s first sub-GHz RF front-end IC featuring +24 dBm of output power but with lower current consumption than existing solutions. It is designed for SigFox, LoRa, and other similar applications.
  • 8TR8241 is the “world’s first RF front end designed to for AoA, AoD, and Location-Based Services with superior RF switching speed and a “throttle down” mode to reduce current consumption.

OctoTech Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company, offering advanced RFIC products and solutions, which leverage proprietary RF silicon technology, meeting the challenging needs of the expanding IoT and 5G convergence systems. 

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