Micro Harmonics Receives Contract from NASA to Develop Cryogenic mm-Wave Isolators

Leading developer of mmWave isolators and circulators, Micro Harmonics, has received a Phase II SBIR contract from NASA to develop cryogenic mm-Wave isolators. Follow-on to the previous Phase I program, the Phase II effort will enable Micro Harmonics to expand its product line to add cryogenic options for every standard waveguide band from WR-15 (50 to 75 GHz) to WR-3.4 (220 to 330 GHz).

The NASA SBIR program, which began in June 2019 and is scheduled to complete in June 2021, also funds the development of room temperature isolators for WR-2.8 (260 to 400 GHz) and WR-2.2 (330 to 500 GHz), as well as several voltage variable attenuators covering WR-15 through WR-8 (90 to 140 GHz). Micro Harmonics specializes in ferrite-based mmWave components and offers isolators and circulators designed for NASA instruments. Through Phase I and II SBIR programs, NASA funded Micro Harmonics to develop the company’s initial mmWave isolators and circulators.

Founded in 2008 as a specialized research and design consultancy for microwave, millimeter-wave, and sub-millimeter-wave components, Micro Harmonics, produces innovative mmWave isolators and circulators operating from 50 GHz over 330 GHz. The components are designed from the ground up using modern sophisticated electromagnetic simulation tools to achieve the industry’s widest bandwidth and lowest insertion loss in a more compact size. Micro Harmonics’ isolators employ a unique diamond heatsink to improve power handling and achieve lower operating temperatures for improved reliability.

In June 2019, Micro Harmonics was awarded a $50,000 Commonwealth Research Commercialization Fund (CRCF) grant by the Center for Innovative Technology (CIT). CIT creates technology-based economic development strategies to accelerate innovation, imagination and the next generation of technology and technology companies. Created in 1985, CIT, a non-profit corporation, plugs gaps at the earliest stages of the Innovation Continuum – commercialization and seed funding – as it helps entrepreneurs launch and grow high-growth technology companies and create high-paying jobs for the future. CRCF invests in priority research and commercialization activities through the private sector, academia, and nonprofit research institutes.

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