ipCapital Group to Join Amplitech Team to Boost Intellectual Property Assets

The Amplitech Group (AMPG) has entered into a definitive agreement with management consultant company, the ipCapital Group (ipCG) to assist in the formulation and execution of AMPG’s intellectual property (IP) strategy.

ipCG is one of the World’s pre-eminent IP consulting firms, having assisted over 900 companies since 1998 to identify, quantify, register, value and execute strategy around their intellectual property assets. ipCG is run by John Cronin, who led IBM’s Patent Factory between 1989 and 1997, generating over 100 patents under his leadership.

Initially, ipCG will assist AMPG to formulate a comprehensive “ipStory” around AMPG’s proprietary trade secrets, know-how and technology. This process is expected to take a couple of months and will be made available to investors once complete. As a sign of their belief in AMPG and its unique opportunity in the RF/microwave industry, ipCG has agreed to reinvest a material portion of its fee into new AMPG restricted stock upon completion of the project at 10 cents per share (200,000 shares).

According to John Cronin, Chairman and Managing Director, ipCG, from the initial discussions, AMPG’s story is likely to cover cutting edge products, in explosive markets such as SATCOM, 5G, Quantum Computing, IoT and many other industries, with the many new opportunities they have learned to-date to help lead his industry as it moves into the next phase of growth.


  • Country: United States
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