Radiall & NGMN Partner to Develop Next-generation Networks and Technology

Radiall & NGMN Partner to Develop Next-generation Networks and Technology

Radial has joined the NGMN Alliance as its newest partner. The vision of the NGMN Alliance is to expand the communications experience by providing a truly integrated and cohesively managed delivery platform that brings affordable mobile broadband services to the end user with a particular focus on 5G while accelerating the development of LTE-Advanced and its ecosystem.

Radiall has a comprehensive range of products that provides the telecom industry with cutting-edge solutions for harsh outdoor environments. With RF coax, RF cable assemblies and fiber optics, coupled with electrical and mechanical performance, Radiall enables high-speed communication for people across the globe. 

Radiall’s extensive research and product development in small cells and antennas will significantly support the current developments that NGMN is leading, such as the Base Station Antenna Requirements and Cluster Connector projects. These projects aim to help the industry increase the capacity of wireless networks, improve coverage in dense metropolitan areas and reduce costs for operators deploying networks.

Committed to the future of the industry, Radiall invests around 8% of its revenue in research and development (which is twice the industry standard). As part of its work in the telecommunications industry, Radiall provides the technology that will support the network shift from 4G to 5G. Radiall has introduced new equipment and standards to the redefined Radio Access Network (RAN). Radiall’s commitment to research and development looks to enhance the ongoing work of the NGMN Alliance towards next-generation networks.

As 5G trials and launches are in progress, industry stakeholders need to come together to ensure next-generation networks enhancement around the world.

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