RF Industries Introduces 3/4 Way Power Dividers from 138-960 MHz for Public Safety DAS

RF Industries has expanded its line of passive components for public safety DAS with the introduction of 3-Way and 4-Way splitters that cover the 138-960 MHz bands.

Public safety communications systems in the United States operate at various frequency bands in different municipalities. Legacy systems in some cities operate in the VHF frequency band (150-174 MHz). More common bands include the UHF, 700 MHz, 800 MHz and 900 MHz bands. FirstNet is included in these bands. In building DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) for public safety needs to accommodate these frequency bands for the specific municipalities.

The new 3 way and 4 way splitters join a line including tappers and a 2 way splitter. All components feature N-type female connectors. The power splitters are Wilkinson type designs that require less installation space. The tappers unevenly split the signal with minimal VSWR or insertion loss. They are painted red for identification as components for critical communication.

In addition to the 138-960 MHz public safety components, RF Industries offers splitters, couplers and tappers covering the 380-2700 MHz bands. Other passive components for public safety DAS include RF coaxial jumper cables, terminations, attenuators and adapters.

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