Modelithics New Update Supports the Latest Version of Sonnet Software

Modelithics has announced the release of Version 19.2, of the Modelithics Library for Sonnet. This updated model library features compatibility with the latest version of Sonnet (v17), access to the Modelithics Substrate Library, and over 75 new component models.

Designers using Sonnet and Modelithics can now choose from over 350 models, from over 30 popular vendors, representing more than 17,000 individual parts. All capacitor, inductor and resistor models in the Modelithics CLR Library have the unique scaling capabilities of Modelithics Microwave Global Models, such as substrate scaling, part value scaling and pad scaling. These scalable models provide for the most accurate co-simulations available for combining surface mount component models with full-wave EM simulations of interconnects on single and multi-layer board scenarios.

The models can easily be included in new designs by browsing and selecting the desired component model from the Modelithics user library within the Sonnet design tool. New CLR models added in the v19.2 library include models from many of Modelithics’ Vendor Partners (MVP’s) including capacitors from AVX, Knowles (DLI and Syfer), Murata, Passive Plus, Presidio and Würth Elektronik, inductors from Coilcraft, Knowles (Syfer) and Würth Elektronik, and resistors from International Manufacturing Services (IMS).

The new attenuator models are available in the SLC (system level component) Library for devices from Aeroflex, ATC, AVX, Barry, IMS, Mini-Circuits and Smiths Interconnect. New S-parameter (file-based) models have also been added for Aeroflex attenuators, Gowanda and Vanguard inductors, Murata capacitors and State of the Art resistors.

The Modelithics Substrate Library is now part of the installation with the new release. The substrate library contains over 25 specific substrate definitions for various popular materials such as Alumina, Rogers, Quartz, Taconic and others. The substrate properties are derived from multiple measurements performed by Modelithics using these materials.

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