New Wi-Fi Based Technology Tracks People and Objects Using RF Imaging

Celeno, a provider of smart, innovative Wi-Fi solutions, has announced a new Wi-Fi Doppler Imaging technology, that can accurately characterize and represent complex motions and movements of people, pets and objects.

Understanding ‘who and what is where’ within a given residential, commercial or enterprise space, analyzing the context in sudden changes in movement or motion, and deciding how to act on all of the above in a timely fashion is of prime concern to a wide variety of stakeholders. However, most consumers and businesses are reluctant to accept the introduction of new and intrusive equipment into their homes and premises. Installing sensors and cameras in every room that cover multiple angles winds up being time-consuming, costly – and potentially invasive.

The technology can track an objects' location using a single Wi-Fi device. It captures moving objects' Doppler and Micro Doppler signatures and uses advanced signal processing and machine learning algorithms to accurately classify human postures and gestures. It can even monitor minute and slow motions such as breathing. Leveraging the 5 GHz Wi-Fi standard (and in the future 6GHz), it can ‘see’ through walls, not requiring line of sight or being dependent on lighting conditions. In addition, it is not dependent on any client-side devices like wearables.

This new Wi-Fi based technology can enable various applications in a variety of verticals. To name a few examples: intrusion detection to homes and offices, fall detection and daily life trends analysis for elderly care, people presence and analytics in front of the TV for personalized TV content and advertisement, geo-fencing to improve safety in factories and industrial facilities, people counting in office spaces for optimized building management.

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