Skyworks Becomes More Eco-Friendly with Reductions in Waste, Energy and Water Usage

Skyworks has released a voluntary, non-financial public document, which provides a comprehensive self-assessment of the company’s sustainable business practices.

The 2018 Sustainability Report, highlights Skyworks’ reductions in waste, energy and water usage, as well as progress across other areas including labor, ethics, health and safety, and management systems. By utilizing well-established environmental management systems and setting aggressive targets, Skyworks exceeded its internal goals, resulting in meaningful year-over-year improvements.

2018 Milestones Include:

  • Conserving 72,700 megawatt hours of energy, enough to power 6,156 homes for one year
  • Averting nearly 9,300 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions, comparable to removing 1,974 passenger vehicles from the road for one year
  • Saving 106 million gallons of water
  • Avoiding the generation of 526,000 pounds of hazardous waste
  • Keeping 102,000 pounds of municipal waste from landfills

Click here to read the full report and other sustainability information from Skyworks.