Bureau Veritas to Use Anritsu RF Test Set for 5G-NR RF Conformance Tests

Anritsu has partnered with the global conformity assessment and certification organization, Bureau Veritas’ Customer Products Service division, Electrical & Electronic, Automotive, Wireless (E.A.W.) Business Line. Under the partnership, the Bureau Veritas will carry its 5G NR GCF and PTCRB conformance testing using Anritsu’s New Radio (NR) RF Conformance Test System - ME7873NR.

Bureau Veritas is a leading testing, inspection and certification organization. Its Electrical & Electronic/Wireless laboratory in Taiwan operates a mobile terminal testing lab that is certified by organizations, such as GCF (Global Certification Forum) and PTCRB (PCS Type Certification Review Board). By adopting the new ME7873NR 5G NR RF/RRM test system, Bureau Veritas is co-operating with Anritsu in obtaining GCF and PTCRB conformance test certifications (test platform validation), helping accelerate Anritsu’s activities in 5G NR RF/RRM testing.

The ME7873NR is a RF/RRM test platform for 5G NR currently under development and supports RF/RRM conformance and carrier acceptance inspection tests. It is registered with GCF and PTCRB as the 5G NR test platform TP250 and is designed for certification of mobile terminals using 3GPP-compliant 5G RF/RRM tests and will also be used for PTCRB certifications.

5G is the next generation of cellular networking. Anritsu is now synergizing with Bureau Veritas to collaborate with varied test certification bodies to facilitate growth of the 5G NR conformance test market and early commercial rollout of 5G NR communications services by bringing a stable and high-quality conformance test system to market.

Anritsu’s New Radio RF Conformance Test System ME7873NR is an automated system for 3GPP TS38.521/TS38.533-defined 5G NR RF/RRM tests. It supports both planned 5G NR SA and NSA modes, while combination with Anritsu’s CATR Anechoic Chamber MA8172A covers all 5G frequency bands, including sub-6 GHz and mmWave. A flexible system configuration allows customers to customize the ME7873NR for specific measurement conditions. An easy 5G upgrade path from the LTE-Advanced RF Conformance Test System ME7873LA is available to create a cost-effective RF test system that meets emerging required test conditions.

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  • Country: United States
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